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A little something I was playing around with, to show the two most dominant sides of myself - Susi, on the left, who has always been the character so central to me, and Damien on the right, who holds all of my anger and nasty feelings and manages to have the most glorious shiny hair while doing so. :la:
The quote was added right at the last second, and it's from Marilyn Manson's "(s)AIN'T", because really... I feel like I am an artist and a work of art (and besides, human beings shouldn't go around judging others worthy of being "perfect" or not - so if I'm slightly rotten to you, then good. I wouldn't want to be the society typical version of perfect in the first place).
What is that oozy rope between them? Couldn't tell you. Was supposed to be blood but then I didn't like that idea, and so changed it up from red to black. I like how their colours are reflected on either side, too... would you know that I coloured this without even conciously thinking about it? Lol. That's funny.
Characters and art are copyright to me, :iconbreakneckviolet:.
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Submitted on
October 17, 2012
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