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A blast from the past in terms of me actually drawing a bird, and the name of the character. :) She used to be a Papillon (breed of dog with huge ears and a ton of fluff, for those of you who may not know; she was gray/pink in colour, too, instead of gray/black/red). Now, Morphia is an owl. It's my first time actually sitting down and trying to draw one, so I'm pretty pleased with the outcome - I like her eyes. The markings were the most time-consuming thing to colour around.
Fun fact time: "Morphia" is a dated term for "Morphine". Not that I approve of drug use; she's just the companion for Damien, my little butcher-doctor-thing. :3 So it clicks.
Morphia and art are both copyright to me, :iconbreakneckviolet:.
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October 17, 2012
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