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Done after stumbling across a folder of art from my teenage years. I used to draw stuff like this all the time; almost every picture was a canvas for my anger. Like I am now, I was heavily influenced by music (at that time, it was My Chemical Romance; right now, it's most likely to be Marilyn Manson or an old love song from the '80's). But I always loved the fashion from the 1920s through to the 1940s. If you look really closely at this, you can see the lines that connect Susi (who represents me), to Damien, who is another interpretation of myself - both of them have a distinct "screw you" attitude to them; both of them have shown skeletal parts of themselves now (with Susi, it will NOT be a permanant part of the design, but a one-off thing. Or maybe if I did revisit the concept, it'd be for Halloween). But oh my gosh... I do like this one. I want to hang it on my wall and make a t-shirt design out of it. :heart: Those eyelashes freaked me out when it came to the linearting. I really didn't want to go back and do the whole thing over. But... yes. I really think that the colours of the clothing go together real well with the others in her design. And if you can see multiple shades of red on her vest? You can. My red markers were deciding to be a pain in the ass, so I had to blend as best I could.
I love the lyrics included in this, too. :heart:
Susi and art are copyright to me, :iconbreakneckviolet:.
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January 24, 2013
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