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August 15, 2012
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My fox character (who I finally have a name for - I eventually decided on 'Hush'). Drawn at a time when I wasn't feeling particularly good, and finished just a couple days ago. I had the idea that it would be interesting to shade her dress with blue, and I guess that made it come off a little Bridal, but... it fits the picture. To explain her unsual hand - she's pretty much on fire from the inside, and thus it reflects there. I am going to say that she has a 'glow' about her, which is the dark purple. I really had fun detailing on the frame, especially the moon, stars and sun. I was inspired by old-school tattoos at the time and there's a sense of that still lingering. :thumbsup:
Hush and art are copyright to me, :iconbreakneckviolet:.
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